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SMSL M9 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS HiFi DAC Decoder USB/Optical/Coaxial Headphone amplifier AK4490 x 2 DAC Chip TPA6120A2 x 2 HPA

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Description & Specs
Item specifics
  • Brand Name: S.M.S.L
  • DSD (Direct Stream Digital): Yes
  • Model Number: SMSL M9
  • Type: Home Amplifier
  • Output Type: Balanced Out,LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT)
  • PCM: Yes
  • DAC Model: AK4490
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Recommended Headphone Maximum Impedance: 501-600 Ohm
  • WIFI: No
  • Built-in Battery: No
  • Channels: 2 (2.0)
  • Operational Amplifier Chips Model: TPA6120
  • Package: yes
  • Sampling rate PCM: support to 768kHz
Product Description

SMSL M9 32bit/768kHz DSD512 XMOS HiFi DAC Decoder USB/Optical/Coaxial Headphone amplifier




SMSL M9 is HIFI user-oriented reference-level high-performance decoder, with many digital input interface, including USB / Optical/ Coaxial.

Its 5V external power adapter could reduce the circuit interference, when choose direct push, there are two options: balanced circuit 2.5 (mm)and 6.35 (mm) headphone ports , complement each other.

It  also has a high-performance adjustable RCA output.

USB digital interface uses today's advanced XMOS processing chip, while PCM and DSD can transfer the current high-format music files, especially when using

Windows and the ASIO Native driver,  it could support DSD512 (1bit / M) DSD stream sent to the D / A chip decoding,

 And PCM support to 768kHz in Mac of system-free drive, to plug and play.

 Particularly ,XMOS processing module through the adapter cable, M9 can receive digital signals from mobile phones and PAD, for PCM and DSD to achieve high-definition decoding.

Apple system uses Lightning to USB Camera Adapter cable, Andrews system using OTG line.

M9 has excellent decoding circuit design, whether optical or coaxial input, which can guarantee high-quality output.

Its decoder chip uses two AK4490 chips, its excellent performance and with floating-point digital filters and a wealth of options, mostly for professional equipment to use.


Its power supply of the traditional HIFI equipment, with the use of audio-specific electrolytic capacitors, makes an important guarantee for music.

Headphone output of M9 uses the two TPA6120, with balance (2.5mm) and unbalanced (6.35mm) two outputs.

The RCA outputs are designed to switch between menus: fixed output or preamp output.

The use of imported high-precision clock circuit, dedicated high-precision power supply voltage regulator, time base error, distortion is very small, so  the decoding of the signal is very balanced three parsing power is high, accurate positioning, density, vocal, Symphony, rock, classical, popular and other forms of music are very appropriate. Both the depth of the bass dive, full of flexibility, there are sweet and charming IF, as well as high-frequency exquisite and elegant.




 Design Architecture:


     USB XMOS xCORE200


     DAC AK4490 x 2


     EVOL PGA2311 x 2


     HPA TPA6120A2 x 2


     OPA OPA1612 x 5


     DIR & ASRC CS8422


 sampling rate PCM support to 768kHz, DSD512 hard solution;


Support native DSD decoding;


DAC uses two AK4490, HIFI fidelity plus full balance;


The output section uses two Texas Instruments advanced headphone amplifier IC TPA6120A2;


Built-in asynchronous up-conversion function to eliminate clock jitter;


designed with 2.5mm balanced output, easy access to balance earplugs, you can then take the cable to connect four-core XLR headphones;


The audio part uses two ultra-low phase noise crystal;


high-precision CNC aluminum alloy shell

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