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SMSL M3 DAC Headphone Amplifier CS4398 OTG/PC USB/Optical/Coaxial All-in-one Hifi 24Bit 96KHZ audio amplifier

Product Code : SMSL M3

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Description & Specs
Item specifics
  • Brand Name: S.M.S.L
  • Recommended Headphone Maximum Impedance: 101-150 Ohm
  • Package: Yes
  • DAC Model: CS4398
  • Model Number: SMSL M3
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Output Type: LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT)
  • Bluetooth: No
  • WIFI: No
  • Built-in Battery: No
  • Type: Professional Amplifier
  • Channels: 2 (2.0)
Product Description
SMSL M3 DAC Headphone Amplifier AMP CS4398 OTG/PC USB/Optical/Coaxial All-in-one Hifi 24Bit 96KHZ USB Hd For Hifi Audio Decoder


M3's first USB-powered audio decoder and charging treasure switching power supply technology. Computer or mobile phone USB direct power supply to improve the ease of use. Rechargeable power supply allows you to treasure the case of the lowest cost you can get the most use clean power supply M3. Super fever power mode you have purchased M3 can have. In the case of mobile phones and at the same time charging power Po, M3 will automatically switch off the power supply using USB power charging treasure.
M3 flexible and convenient mode of operation, the completion of a single bond and input select switch, plus a headphone volume knob allows the operator to look convenient and science. Industrial intuitive power switch, input status and sample rate is displayed at a glance.
1.M3 can be directly powered by computer,Android tablet PC and android mobile phone(This function is not avaliable for Apple Ipad or iphone).With purified power circuit 
2.Externally enhanded power input jack using DC 5V,Maximum power is 1.5W,Users can    connect with power bank to work this product which can generate better sound quality.XIAOMI 10000ma power bank can work up to 20H with M3.
3. 24 bit asynchronous USB input, 24bit/ 192KHZ advanced decoding chip is CS4398
4. Big power headphone amplifier almost can be compatible with all of Hi-Fi headphone.
5. Industrial design input and full frequency sampling rate is clear to see from front panel ;
6. high quality aluminum alloy shell, solid aluminum buttons and knobs.
7. The high parameters and highly integrated product will occupy it’s market for high cost performance.
Rich input and output interfaces, including digital inputs including USB, optical and coaxial. Outputs include RCA analog outputs and 6.35 headphone jack. The machine has been distribution of 6.35 to 3.5 headphone converter, allowing you to connect the vast majority of headphones.
M3 does not need to install the driver, if foobar2000 playing music, set the output is set to 24bit.


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